Briallen Holt


Blond hair, blue eyes, 1,95 meters high. a hand sized tattoo of and linnorm head on his chest. usally having the pelt of an wolf over his shoulder. favoring the sword and shield


19 year old ulfen named briallen Holt

Briallen did grow up in a city in the land of the linnorm kings. born in a low class family food and clothes was not one of the easy things to get. but they managed to get by. at the age of 5 Briallen’s father died in a blizzard out hunting for food. leaving him and his mother to surive by them self. when Briallen beacame 12 years his mother fell terible sick and he resorted to stealing food to him and his mother. feeling guilt for what he did he knew they really would need the food, and he thougt he can repay the city by joining the guards later to get training and pay.

at the age of 14 briallen was able to join the militia were he trained and learned the use of diffrent types of weapons. the guard captain caught eye on this boy and saw his potensial, he decided to train him personally. after a half year of intense training he was qualified to go on wilderness patrol. while going on patrol with some other recruits in the wilderness briallen got separeated with the group and was lost to the others for a day. on that day briallen had an encounter with an linnorm, trying his best to avoid detection he managed to shake it after sevral hours of hiding. the encounter is a thing he will remember for rest of his life. he tougth he will be back one day to try his luck, to kill one of this beast to bring fame in his familiy name. deciding to make and oath to him self with a tattaoo of the beast head over his heart.

at the age of 17 briallen quit the militia and became a hired sword, protecting ships and doing small jobs all the way from the land of the linnnorm kings and all the way down to riddleport. to travel the world lokking for an chanse to win fame

Briallen Holt

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