Second Darkness - Haugesund

Stolen Winnings

Session 1

We began our story as our adventurers entered into the Golden Goblin Tavern’s Gambling Tournament.

Funtimes were abruptly ended as a well-planned attack on the festivities saw the main prize of the tournament stolen. Our “heroes” rushed to liberate the winnings, but alas, they were lost in Riddleport’s many streets and alleys.

The adventurers, when returning home from the chase, were approached with an offer by the Goblin’s proprietor; “Come here first thing in the morning, and i have an offer for you as thanks for helping with the troubles.”

The offer turned out to be one partnership in the Golden Goblin. The theft of the winnings cost the Goblin not only most of its coinage, but also most of its patrons.

The first session of play was wrapped up after the party took care of a couple of drunkards who wanted their money back.

Authors note;
Maybe we find out what the fuck was up with the magnetic metals next time…


Failure General_Critizism

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